There are many bingo sites that uses Euro as currency

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Most online bingo players in the United States, are still forced to play at offshore bingo sites thanks to federal laws prohibiting banks and credit card companies from processing any transactions related to online gaming. Because of this, American players must often convert currencies. The most common currencies used at most online bingo sites are the Euro and the British Pound. There are some online bingo sites that still welcome American players but since the gaming site seizures last year the number has declined. For example, the World Bingo Network, based in Central America, shut down all of its online bingo operations overnight.

There are still some sites licensed in the European Union that accept players from the US but jackpots are denominated in Pounds or Euros. Most online bingo players pay little attention to currency exchange rates but they should. Volatile Currency exchange rates can affect how much players actually win. Unfavorable rates can cost players dearly if they are not paying attention. Fortunately there are several free currency converters available online that provide players with the latest up to the minute exchange rates. One of the most popular currency converters is the XE Universal Currency Converter. The XE converter is very easy to use and can provide current exchange rates for most currencies. It is well designed and extremely user friendly and quick.

There are a few online bingo sites that offer games in several currencies, but these are rare. Exchange rates can be a double-edged sword. During the height of the recession, the Euro fluctuated wildly, and has traded as low as $1.25 and as high as $1.41. The current Euro rate is about $1.31. The British pound is trading at $1.58. Players should be aware that most banks and credit card companies charge a fee for converting currencies. Some credit card companies charge very high rates for transactions involving other currencies. Since online bingo in most cases is a relatively low stakes game exchange rates will probably not affect players all that much.

As has been mentioned, there are several online bingo sites licensed in the EU that welcome players from the United States. At these sites, players can find some great deals including a bingo deposit bonus, free bingo games, regular promotions, VIP programs, Loyalty schemes, cash back offers and several player perks. Players in the United States should always check to make sure they are getting the best exchange rates possible.

Rogers a One Stop Source

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The name may say “Rogers Bingo” but aside from the great selection of bingo games online there is an entire buffet of quality online gaming action that makes Rogers stand apart as the leader in the industry.

To be sure, there are no better bingo games online anywhere than at Rogers as the selection and variety is superb along with the quality of graphics. Bingo has quietly become one of the biggest draws in online gaming and Rogers takes it to the next level with games that set the standard for the industry. Among the offerings are Samba Bingo, Mayan Bingo, Pharaoh Bingo, and Electro Bingo.

Keno fans will not be disappointed at Rogers as the popular numbers game comes to life with what could be the most attractive game of its kind in the entire industry.

Roulette is one of the most popular and glamorous games of chance and Rogers offers both American and Premier Roulette choices for players to experience the thrill of the ball landing on their favorite slot of number and color.

Multi Wheel Roulette Gold takes roulette to an entirely new level that has even traditionalists wanting more action. This is a great example of Roger’s innovation with taking a game and making more of it. Multi Wheel Roulette Gold had its desired effect as it has become one of the biggest draws at Rogers.

Blackjack may rival poker as one of the most popular and sought after games in the industry and Rogers does not disappoint. Premier Bonus Blackjack Gold, Multi Hand Premier Blackjack Gold, HiLo European Blackjack Gold, and Atlantic City Blackjack Gold give Rogers a lineup that cannot be beat for Blackjack aficionados.

Recent efforts to legalize online poker in US hits roadblocks

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Since 2006, online poker sites have been banned from doing business within the borders of the United States. However, because the legislation is not clearly well-defined, many in the country are still able to play online, and three major poker sites have been targeted as a result. In April 2011, Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker and Poker Stars were all named in an indictment with charges of bank fraud, money laundering, and other illegal gambling offenses. In September, the Justice Department upped the charges against Full Tilt Poker by claiming they engaged in a $440 million Ponzi scheme.

The charges highlight the exact reason that several leading proponents of online poker see the need for Congress to step in and legalize online poker with a set of stringent regulatory guidelines that each site must follow.

The Poker Players Alliance and the American Gaming Association are two such organizations that have fought hard in recent years to pass legislation legalizing online gambling in the United States. Proponents argue that legalizing poker sites will stop illegal activities that Full Tilt, PokerStars and Absolute Poker have been accused of.

Several legislators have also been working to pass legalization of online poker sites as well, but with the recent accusations levied against three of the largest online poker sites, many have since hedged on their support.

Since legalization of online poker had previously been included in other larger pieces of legislation, the industry may now be looking towards individual states to allow online gambling, rather than at the federal level. Whatever the resulting actions will be, it may be many months yet before their dreams turn into reality.

The creation of the 5 card stud game

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Many people confuse 5-card stud with 7-card stud or with the Draw poker. However, this is not the case as the 5-card stud poker is an altogether different game and is not widely played these days. It was popular during the time of the American Civil War where it was preferred by the military troops as a favorite pass time.

In the 5-card stud, the deals are almost the same as that in the 7-card stud. It is important to note that as the game is rarely played these days in casinos, it is important to note the rules of the games in each casino as they vary on a timely basis.

There is one trouble with the 5-card stud as it contains just one pocket card, which doesn’t leave any doubt as to what the player is holding.

There are different variations of the 5-card stud poker, which attempt to provide a little suspense to the game. Today, the 5-card stud is also played as a social game and has been overtaken by the much popular Texas Holdem Poker, which is now being played millions of people around the world. hill online casino offers jackpots, bonuses & more games than any other online casino.

New slot game from NeoGames – Roll the Dice

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If you’ve played Yatzee, or other fun dice games in your youth, you’re bound to love this new and exciting game by the giant games developer – NeoGames. The game is called ‘Roll the Dice’ and it combines all the fun of a slot machine with all the excitement you get from a dice game. So, from one side you have the reels turning and from the other side you have the dices rolling. The combination of these two thrilling games, which are the heart of any casino, online or offline, is mesmerizing.

This slot game can be found in sites like, which is one of the games providers that are using the NeoGames gaming platform. This specific game provider offers great bonuses and free rounds, so if you want to try Roll the dice, that’s the place to try it. The free rounds are especially useful for newbies, in this game, since playing a hybrid is not as simple as playing a classic slot game. There are certain things to make sure of and you have to be aware of them if you want to improve your winning odds.

Now, as long as we’re talking about winning odds, playing slots is usually considered a risky game with low winning odds. However, when it comes to Hybrid games, the conditions are a bit different. You have special bonus rounds and unique features such as – the wheel of fortune. All these turn the plain old slot game into a game worth playing. After all, who wouldn’t want to take home an amazing jackpot of £1,000,000? There’s actually no thinking about this one – if you like slots and you like dice, you have got to try Roll the Dice right this instant.