Land Casinos vs. Online Casinos: Who has the Better Hand ?

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Some decades ago before the advent of the internet there were nothing like land casinos. Back then casinos referred to physical gambling houses and establishments where one could enjoy the thrill of playing and staking on a variety of casino games. Since the invention of the internet and the influx of online casinos there has been an on-going debate about which offers the ultimate gaming experience; land casinos or online casinos? Here is a brief comparison of the two gaming options based on a few factors.


People gamble for excitement and financial rewards. Land casinos are not able to offer payout as high as online casinos. And so you can't beat live casinos on this aspect alone. This is because land casinos require more money to run their businesses and meet up with operational costs such as rent, salaries and related services. Online casinos are cheaper to run and thus able to pay out more.


If you are looking for the traditional gambling and casino environment and excitement you may have to head to a land based casino. The environment, d├ęcor and ambiance is designed to make you like a high roller and enjoy interacting and playing against other players. Online casinos also offer a unique experience but that can hardly be compared to the real thing.

Convenience and comfort

Depending on where you are, it may not be too difficult for you to drive down to the nearest local gambling place but you can never beat the convenience of gambling online at an online casino. You simply need to log unto your computer anytime of the day to begin playing and staking within minutes without even leaving your bedroom. You can choose to wear what ever you like and enjoy gambling while still keeping an eye on the kids or eating a hamburger.


Online casinos are more convenient, comfortable and rewarding. No wonder the number of online players is on the increase as more and more people are discovering the past time. With online casinos you also get a lot more games to play and enjoy.