New slot game from NeoGames – Roll the Dice

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If you’ve played Yatzee, or other fun dice games in your youth, you’re bound to love this new and exciting game by the giant games developer – NeoGames. The game is called ‘Roll the Dice’ and it combines all the fun of a slot machine with all the excitement you get from a dice game. So, from one side you have the reels turning and from the other side you have the dices rolling. The combination of these two thrilling games, which are the heart of any casino, online or offline, is mesmerizing.

This slot game can be found in sites like, which is one of the games providers that are using the NeoGames gaming platform. This specific game provider offers great bonuses and free rounds, so if you want to try Roll the dice, that’s the place to try it. The free rounds are especially useful for newbies, in this game, since playing a hybrid is not as simple as playing a classic slot game. There are certain things to make sure of and you have to be aware of them if you want to improve your winning odds.

Now, as long as we’re talking about winning odds, playing slots is usually considered a risky game with low winning odds. However, when it comes to Hybrid games, the conditions are a bit different. You have special bonus rounds and unique features such as – the wheel of fortune. All these turn the plain old slot game into a game worth playing. After all, who wouldn’t want to take home an amazing jackpot of £1,000,000? There’s actually no thinking about this one – if you like slots and you like dice, you have got to try Roll the Dice right this instant.