The creation of the 5 card stud game

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Many people confuse 5-card stud with 7-card stud or with the Draw poker. However, this is not the case as the 5-card stud poker is an altogether different game and is not widely played these days. It was popular during the time of the American Civil War where it was preferred by the military troops as a favorite pass time.

In the 5-card stud, the deals are almost the same as that in the 7-card stud. It is important to note that as the game is rarely played these days in casinos, it is important to note the rules of the games in each casino as they vary on a timely basis.

There is one trouble with the 5-card stud as it contains just one pocket card, which doesn’t leave any doubt as to what the player is holding.

There are different variations of the 5-card stud poker, which attempt to provide a little suspense to the game. Today, the 5-card stud is also played as a social game and has been overtaken by the much popular Texas Holdem Poker, which is now being played millions of people around the world. hill online casino offers jackpots, bonuses & more games than any other online casino.