Win the Casino War

Placing a bet in a game of casino war on sites such as Maria casino online – can happen in one of three ways. Two of your options are possible at the start of a round, while the other can only occur you share the same starting hand as the dealer.

However, before you sit down and start wagering money with sites like casino samurai you need to decide what stakes you’re going to play for. Every casino across the world or on the internet will offer a range of games to suit everyone’s bankroll. In most live casinos the minimum bet you’ll find is $5 per hand; at an online casino you can find games with a minimum wager as low as $0.10.

After you’ve sat down,the first bet you can make is that you can beat the dealer with your hand. This opening bet pays out at a ratio of 1:1 if you win. Thus, if you bet $5 and the dealer deals you a king and himself a seven, you’d win $5and receive a total of $10 back.

You can also bet on a tie at the start of each hand. This bet is 1/5 the size of your initial minimum bet. So, the table stakes are $5 minimum, then the smallest bet you can make on a tie is $1. Because the chances of a tie are much less than you being able to beat the dealer a tie bet pays out at a ratio of 10:1.

The final bet you can make in a game of casino war is if you tie with the dealer on the first hand. Here you must match your initial stake and follow the fight dealer in a war by taking another card. If you win at this point you receive a payout of 1:1 on the total amount staked.

Knowing the betting mechanics of casino war won’t give you a secret way to beat the casino. However, information is power and by knowing the flow of the game you’ll be in a much better position to make logical and profitable decisions.