Take a Break

The term everything in moderation is a famous expression that has been quoted by numerous people throughout the ages including the likes of Socrates, Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain. The term is used to describe the importance in having balance in your life. The opposite of balance would be trying too much of one thing and this can have devastating health consequences.

Just recently a 20-year old British man called Chris Staniforth died from deep vein thrombosis (DVT) after playing on his X-Box game ‘Halo’ for up to 12-hour at a time. DVT is a condition that is triggered after a person has been sitting for extremely long periods of time.

David Staniforth, the father of the deceased man, told BBC News that after his research he saw no difference to Chris sitting at a desk on his Xbox and someone taking a long haul flight.

The technological age has drawn more and more people to their computer screens, and therefore created more sedentary masses than anytime in history. Playing in an online casino like Maria casino online – mariacasino.dk is one form of entertainment where you are sedentary when you play Maria slots, and therefore it is important to take scheduled breaks in between sessions.

Another great way of looking after your body whilst playing is to exercise your lower calf muscles regularly. Just by raising and lowering your heels whilst keeping your toes on the floor and then raising your toes with your heels are on the floor will help exercise the calf muscle.

Just remember everything in moderation.